Marota, his loveable puppy

Marota with his turtle friend

Marota was the puppy sitting inside the tattered cardboard box in front of Namiki's school. Namiki had taken him in after he foresaw Marota's death in the rain. Although it was not his intention to save the puppy, it was Kanade's influence that led him to save Marota. Kanade believed that even if it wasn't the little boy, the puppy in front of their school would be taken in by someone else that cared enough.

Even for a dog, Marota loves Namiki to no end. Marota also has a lot of puppy pride. In Marota's mind, when he first 'met' Namiki, he felt a special attachment towards Namiki and felt that he was the one, so he waited in the rain for Namiki to return because he believed his instincts were never wrong.

Because Namiki is used to not being the number one person in anyone's life, he was able to give Marota away when he felt someone else could take better care of Marota. Unbeknownst to Namiki, he was the most important person to Marota. Even if Marota were to wander off, he would always return with something that Namiki likes, be it flowers or candy.

In Namiki's empty apartment, Marota lays on Namiki's chest when he sleeps, causing Namiki to have difficulty sleeping because of the extra weight Marota adds. He eventually gains a companion later in the series, a Mississippi red-earred turtle, during the festival Namiki and the others went to. Marota caught the tiny turtle from falling. Because of that incident, Namiki had to reimburse the booth the turtle came from. Often, the turtle is seen riding on Marota's head and claims to be sun bathing.

From Ootake's view, Namiki taking care of Marota is amazing. He was an abandoned boy taking care of an abandoned puppy. Marota is very friendly and loves everyone around Namiki, so when Namiki leaves him with Ootake for baby sitting, he has plenty of fun playing around.

Namiki petting Marota in relief that he's okay after their check up at the vet. Although it may not seem like it, Marota is very perceptive when it comes to his owner. He knows that Kanade is special to Namiki and he knows that flowers are precious to him. Because he knows Namiki has a soft side, he doesn't mind being scolded or help by the neck when he does something wrong because he knows Namiki does love him.

One of the most important things about Marota is probably his namesake. During a train ride, Kanade asked Namiki whether Marota had a name. Together with Kanade, Arou, Eri, and Ezawa, they helped Namiki name his puppy, who at the time was nameless. From the names Kanade Jr. to Namihe, Kanade took a closer look at his eyebrows. Marota's eyebrows resembled and old fashioned style, the "maro" style, where he only has half of his eyebrows and are more rounded.